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Care and Maintenance of your Table Top

Stone is a durable yet porous material that will last forever if properly maintained. Our stone tabletops are sealed to resist moisture penetration and staining. The sealer has a long life, but does require proper cleaning and maintenance to protect the tabletop.

Daily cleaning should be done with warm water and mild dish soap. Use a light scrubbing sponge if necessary. DO NOT use chemicals such as Windex, alcohol, ammonia, etc. for cleaning. 

Always blot spills with a clean, soft cloth. Wiping could spread the spill. Repeat blotting with dry area of cloth until spill is totally absorbed. Rinse with clean, warm water and sponge. Use warm clean and mild dish soap. Remember, you are not cleaning the stone; you are cleaning the sealer layer on the stone. DO NOT use petroleum-based or abrasive cleaners. 

Spills such as, wine, lemonade, orange juice or any other citrus or acid liquid should be removed immediately. If left by a prolonged period of time it will burn the protective film left by the sealer and stain the stone. 


The most important thing you can do to ensure the lasting beauty of your stone tabletop is seal it, when necessary (every year is recommended). A quality sealer or sealer with enhancer can be obtained from any tile or home improvement store.

Use coasters and placemats when dining. Coasters will help absorb sweating by beverage glasses or cups and also prevent hot mugs or cups from leaving a ring. Placemats will catch spills and prevent dishes from scratching the surface of the table. When placing hot dishes on the tabletop, always use trivets, mats or hot pads. 

Cover your dining set with an outdoor furniture cover when not in use and during extreme cold winter periods to protect it from the elements. 


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